We hope that the What is Adwords and how does it works?post was helpful for you and your business on learning a little more about AdWords in a simple and better way. In this post we want to explain the different types of ads available in AdWords for the advertising of your company’s products and services:


Text Ad in Adwords 

This is the basic ad that is displayed when performing a search in Google. It is composed of 3 main components: a title, a web link, and a short description. The main advice for this types of ads is to make the text as clear possible to increase the chances of getting clicks by the prospects.

Text with extensions in Adwords

It is an expansion to the basics text ads functionalities. The text with extensions adds links to websites, links to calls or links to the company’s address. This type of extension also is available in the search and display nets.



Image ads in Adwords

One image is worth a thousand words.  AdWords allows you to reach your potential clients through images. These images can be statics or dynamics so; you can propel your corporate image. This type of ad redirects your potential clients to your website, once there your job is to guide the user to a done deal.

Video in Adwords

Get to your clients in a multimedia way. You can use the commercial ad that suits and identify your product or service. Give your potential clients the opportunity of experiencing your videos, this way the prospects will already have the information about the company and will be a step closer from being your clients.



Shopping ads in Adwords

This type of ad is a direct link to your products or services and redirects your prospect to the shopping page inside your web.

Calling ads in Adwords

This is the ideal ad for calling devices. Just one click and your prospect will be calling your company. Make sure the call center is 100% operational and that your prospect receives an entirely corporate experience.


Where are the ads displayed?

There is a division inside AdWords called nets and it’s there where the different types of ads will be displayed:

Search net: Is where the Google search engine and its partners (Terra, Google Maps) unites. Here is when we can directly get to the people requiring our products or services.

Display net: In this net is a considerable amount of sites and apps with different sorts of content. It already has millions of pages worldwide. As a company, we can reach to users that don’t know about our company and don’t perform searches just because they don’t need our products or services, but the opportunity of catching them as clients increases when they see us on the display options

You can also create ads in social media. Remember this and much more is part of what we do in Virtually Present, developing strategies that allow you to grow your business. Contact us or write us an email to: hello@virtuallypresent.net and let us help you improve your business.

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