¿What is Adwords?

This article is to introduce you to the advantages of “AdWords” Google’s online tool available for any business throughout the world. We’ll explain to you how beneficial Adwords can be for the marketing process of the company. Expanding the areas of most influence and increasing the possibilities for growing volume sales of your products or services.

AdWords is a simple, efficient and at the same time a very solid advertisement system that allows any company to showcase on Google’s search engine. It is done by placing or imprinting ads to redirect the potential consumers surfing the web to the announcer’s website.

How does Adwords work?

The AdWords scheme is simple: the showcasing of the company ad depends on “Keywords” related to the products or services advertised. For example, if your business is to sell insurance, then a keyword you can use would be “buy insurance” since it is related to the activity or product you are advertising; this would activate your ad when somebody searches for that phrase on Google.

For displaying the ads Google uses the same page where the search results are shown. You will see this advertising in the upper right side and it’ll always be identified with the word “ad” to separate it from the general content.

Adwords auction scheme

AdWords is an auction system and is here where internally it’ll be decided if the ad will be displayed, given the fact that there is a high quantity of companies that may have the same keywords in their ads configuration. Like our previous example, a lot of insurance companies will compete for the “buy insurance” keyword.

To advertise in AdWords, you must design the ad, assign its keywords and place a budget. When the process is completed, the AdWords system will choose which ad will be shown on the Google site when performing a search.

Adwords is one of the most important pieces of Digital Marketing nowadays. In the next 4 articles, we’ll be expanding more about this topic. Hope to see you soon!

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