With the exponential growth of web pages, Google has set a standard in searching for relevant content without having to visit them all. Of Course, this ‘merit based’ approach was challenged by the mere number of options, and AdWords was born:  a way to ‘pay’ so your content was shown first.

This new way of advertising your firm, gives you the opportunity to be very targeted and spend your advertising dollars with truly potential buyers.  It also provides the following advantages:

-. Hyper-segmentation is possible, with parameters such as interests, specific prior behavior, etc.

-. Not only you target a very defined audience, you only pay as much as you are willing to invest per lead, and only when such lead interacts with your ad via a click, etc.

-. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.  Analytics is the basis of AdWords.  You can record the effectiveness, ROI and overall value of your Ad, plus you can adjust it dynamically to optimize the investment.

Virtually Present believes AdWords is a tool that correctly used can drive traffic to your website and interested customers to research, consider and ultimately buy your products.  Either invest some time understanding the principles that govern AdWords, or invest in a firm that can manage this process for you.  We are here to help.

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