One of the digital marketing methods that Companies and regular people are using is the massive emailing, with direct promotions, information about their businesses or as an instrument to create the reader’s need for their product or service. This strategy is called “Email Marketing.”

An email marketing campaign is a task that requires your full attention. As a social communication media, we must be careful in different aspects so that the goal of the campaign is reached. This is why we suggest the following tips that will be of great help for you:

1-. Don’t be a stranger:

Answer the following question: When you get an email which you don’t know where it came from, what do you do with it? Most certainly you erase it without reading it, just like almost a 100% of the people. Remember that people are using the internet to send malicious software or even engaging in illicit activities, this is why users are eager to preventing such things. Therefore you would not want to be one of those emails from an unknown person that ends up in the thash of your clients. Our best recommendation is that before starting an email marketing campaign, you have to design a digital strategy to earn the trust of your targeting public and make them voluntarily give you their email address.

2-. Pay attention to the details of your strategy:

You already have the people on the prospect list, now the relationship with them starts. It’s right here where the details make a big difference.Up next, we are going to outline the parts of an email and their importance, so the campaign fully reaches its objective.

From: Is the name of the sender of the email. Place your name directly, you are known this way, so you must identify yourself in a proper manner, for instance, how you are known on the market.

Subject: Is the component on the email where it tells you what the message is all about. Its importance comes directly related to the reader decision on whether reading the email or not. You have to motivate them to read the message. Don’t fall for common phrases such as “free”, “discount”, “winner of”. Those words have been overused to the point that had lost its effectiveness. The reader has been bombed with such emails and has completely lost interested. In fact, the email filter is programmed to eliminate all messages containing these words.

Message: Is where you broadcast the idea of your campaign, whether it is promotional or informative. You must be aware of your client’s preferences and keep in mind their technological capacity when sending the message.  It must also contain offers or valuable information for the client.

Call to action and closing: Those are basically the links that will re-direct your client to a specific page on your website, where you will be showing more detailed information about the campaign. In the closing, you must also place a link for the reader to voluntarily choose if would not want to receive more of these message.


To conclude we will let you know why to choose the email marketing as a communicational tool between you and your prospects:

1. – Price: Sending a massive email has lower cost than other communication media (creation, preparation, etc) and the variable costs are lower.

2. – It’s simple and easy: An email marketing campaign is easier to configure than any other direct marketing campaign, because it doesn’t requires more data, extended logistics or more distribution care.

Its simplicity relies on the specialized programs that make the email creation and  sending an easy task that will only take a few minutes to perform.

3. – Multiple application areas: Regardless of the nature of your business or the service offered, you will always be able to communicate your offers or issues with the email marketing tool.

4. – Interactivity: An email marketing campaign generates direct actions on its prospects.

A commercial offer could unchain an immediate buy on the store page or increase the traffic on your web, improving the positioning on the internet.

5. – Reachable objectives: With an email marketing, the goals set can be precisely evaluated. It can measured the campaign value accurately and estimate the investment return (ROI).

6. – The campaign outcome will be known in a short time:

The email marketing campaigns make use of programs that control almost in real time what has been happening with each sent email.

There is a 72-hour established period where is estimated that you can get approximately the 80% of the results, and you will be ready to have the stats with relevant information for your marketing department in no time.

We invite you to try this marketing tool. It’s an ally that will make your business grow. Tell us, in the comments below, your experience leveraging email, and what else would you recommend others to do to maximize success.

See you next time!

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