Hello I am Monique Nunez and I am an email-holic. Are you? then read on…

It is a lost battle: we receive bills, receipts, social messages, promotions, friends chains, your moms worried forward that your cellphone will explode, and our inbox grows nonstop throughout the day, the week, the month.  Thus far it has been almost impossible to filter the important from the urgent or the downright nonsensical messages and then it came Gmail with its new Inbox.  They have now taken control over your inbox and the old adage “Cash is King,” can be reworded to “Inbox Control is King.”  Google now decides where your email will go and strategically places ads as it sees fit, one one of these categories:

·         Primary

·         Social

·         Promotions

·         Updates, Bills and Receipts

·         Forums

So all of us doing email marketing and social campaigns will need more than ever to correctly choose target markets and to send a relevant message, so it is read regardless of the tab it lives in.


For more info: https://www.google.com/mail/help/intl/en/features.html

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