We have all experienced it.  Your Internet connection seems to crawl, and the tasks that usually take a minute, are taking a long time… well, a recent study has come up with the answer, and NETFLIX is most likely to blame.

As of the writing of this post, Netflix accounts for 35% of the download traffic in the world!  yes, I wrote that right, the WORLD!  Not surprisingly, almost all the top bandwidth users are video based networks.  Netflix is accompanied by BitTorrent, YouTube, Facebook and the new comer Amazon Instant Video.  Considering that Amazon Instant Video is still not available outside of the US and Canada, the numbers are staggering.

No wonder some Internet providers are considering a model where you pay additional fees to have priority use of the bandwidth.  The initial reaction of government officials was negative (including Mr. Obama himself,)  but no doubt a prioritization of some sort will be needed if you and I don’t want to wait in line to get work done, while our neighbour is downloading the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory.

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