As those of who know me personally have heard me say, the world of digital marketing is a very scientific, black and white world.  That is until you get to search optimization, or what most people called SEO.  In this particular aspect of your digital marketing strategy there is science but there is art too.  You must leverage all the technical aspects really carefully; research your keywords very thoroughly and lastly, hope your content – yes, HOPE! because there are no clear rules – attracts your audience and doesn’t upset our friends at Google.

However,  every now and then, Google feels pity for our futile efforts of keeping up with their zoo of algorithms (Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, etc.) and clearly and precisely indicates of a practice that will help your search ranking.  Please remember this if you don’t remember anything else from this post: when Google gives you such a SEO clue, Listen and implement if possible!

This time we have been told that the correct implementation of HTTPS improves your SEO by improving the ranking signals of your content.  Great! and now, what does that really mean and how do I get it done?  For a high level explanation, read on…

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS can be explained by three additional characteristics for the latter:  Server authentication (the user can be sure the server he is using is the correct one,)  Data confidentiality (Measures have been taken to protect the information that is provided in the website) and Data Integrity (There are obstacles to avoid hackers from altering the information contained in the site.)

For very technically savvy users, there is a variety of ways to implement HTTPS, for the rest of us, it simply boils down to buying and installing a SSL certificate  in your website hosting account.  If that also sounds like your just came back to your physics class in high school, talk to your webmaster or hosting provider and they should be able to help you.

No matter what you decide to do with this new Google hint, remember hackers are more and more a problem for all of us.  This is just a way for Google to help in the fight against the thieves and trolls of the Internet.

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