We all have experienced the Ads in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube… now it is the turn for up and coming networks to include social ads.  The popular Pinterest and Instagram social networks have finally fell to the temptation of leveraging their extremely engaged audience, and selected brands have been posting ads in your feed for a few months now. Among the lucky ones are: kraft, ziplock, target, to name a few.

The way social ads will be selected to appear for you will be triggered by the behavior you display as a user.  The searches you perform, the categories you visit and the pages you follow will be some of the criteria.  This is all thanks to the super strong analytics machinery behind the seemly innocent world of social media.

As we get ready for new ways to reach our audience (let’s face it, who needs a TV ad any more?) be mindful of the importance your analytics has for the correct implementation of online campaigns.  If you haven’t done so, take advantage of the Summer to brush off on Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics and any of the metric-compiling tools available:  ‘Sumall,’ ‘Kissmetrics’ or ‘Simply Measured’ to name a few.

for more information about Pinterest/Instagram social ads visit: https://ads.pinterest.com/ or http://instagram.com/about-ads

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