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In the last five years, the spectacular growth of Instagram user base – which is more than 700 million now, has made this platform one of the most appealing social networks for business, influencers, and regular people. But there is an important fact, which is often forgotten: what is the best time to post on Instagram? And what are the best days? We must know when our audience is connected and tend to be more engaged, so our publications improve their reach and become more attractive.


These are the four best ways to figure out the best days and hours to post on the prominent photo sharing application in 2018:

Studies provide the best time to post on Instagram

When should you post? We have to remember that Instagram is mostly used on mobile devices, and people tend to take their phones with them everywhere. So we could think any time is a good moment to post… but it’s not like that.

According to Trackmaven, Instagram engagement remains stable throughout the week, with a slight spike on Mondays and a slight dip on Sundays. However, a guide compiling data from 16 studies in the US shows that Monday and Thursday are the best days to accomplish a higher engagement from our followers.

Regarding the hours, they recommend posting content more during off-work hours rather than work hours, aside from peak times, which are 8-9am and 5pm.

Between 3-4pm is the worst time of the day to post on Instagram

Use free apps to get the best time to post on Instagram

best time to post on instagram

A very helpful advice is using free online apps such as GabStats or Metricool to get a report with recommendations about when to publish, based on your old posts. Even though Metricool is more complete and offers insights of several social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), it only gives you the best hours to post on Instagram a couple days after you start using it.

On the other hand, on Gabstats you only need to log in with your Instagram, set the dates you want to analyze, and click “Activity”. There you will visualize two tables, one with the information of your posts by day and hours, and the other with the data of your average likes received by day and hours. It is very easy to interpret the best days and hours to post on Instagram.

This here is very important considering that the only way these applications will work properly is if we try posting in different hours every day because it is based on our performance.

Take advantage of the primary source of information

Since last year, Instagram also offers a way to find out when your followers are online. The first thing you need to do is go to your settings and switch to a business profile so that you have access to your analytics dashboard. The good news is that although you just changed your account, you will be able to see insights from older posts and demographics of your current followers base.

Once there, choose to see more information about your followers and scroll down to see what days and hours are your followers most active on Instagram. After having this information you can cross check with the data from the other sources I already mentioned in the previous part of this article, and you can finally select which time will best suit you and your audience.

best time to post on instagram

Get To Know Your Audience Through Instagram Insights

Though ready-made figures are important, one thing I always recommend is that we should get to know our potential customers. This also means that the best hours to post on Instagram we find are not definitive, they could constantly change with our audience.

How do we do this? We have to post daily, in different hours, use different content (videos, photos, infographics, etc.), and most importantly keep a record of the performance of every publication to compare and analyze what is working better. This is an excellent way to know not only when our followers are online but also when they interact more with our publications.


How can I publish during the best time to post on Instagram?

Once you have figured out the best time to post on Instagram, you will certainly ask yourself how to publish your content on the right day and time. Well, we have excellent news for you! Some tools can do this for you.

Postcron, Buffer and Hootsuite are some of the most well-known tools or platforms to promote content on Instagram. These three platforms are different in plans and rates, but they have one thing in common: Postcron, Buffer and Hootsuite allow scheduling your posts (texts, images or videos) to be published on Instagram in advance, which means that they make it easier to publish at the best time to post on Instagram.

Postcron and Buffer send a notification reminding you when to post your content on Instagram, while Hootsuite can post images automatically when it comes to business accounts, for videos they send you a notification.

There are many other important strategies that we can teach you. Remember this and much more is part of what we do in Virtually Present, developing strategies that allow your business to grow their presence online. Contact us or write us an email to: and let us be part of your future.

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