I have confessed this before: I am a nerd, and probably not surprisingly, I have been one since I was a kid. I watched little TV and spent most of my time reading and studying; but one show I never missed was The Jetsons. Remember them? It was a super sweet family in the future, with a robot maid (Rosie,) and a bunch of gadgets that made their life easier. Who would knew, that my fascination with the life of this imaginary family would actually be a sneak peek into what we all know today as the Internet of Things.

Phones that give you directions, watches that remind you appointments, eyeglasses that take pictures… these are few of the things that have hit mainstream and have been made part of the Internet. As time goes by and we become more used to having perfect information surrounding each one of our decisions and life moments, simple items of clothing, kitchen appliances and utensils become connected to this huge matrix of information and data that can anticipate our needs and simplify our life in truly remarkable ways. If you read my article on Big Data, this is another source of invaluable information that profiles your taste, likes and behavior, even at a subconscious level; with this data, marketers, product developers and entertainment companies define what to offer you as options to enhance your life.

Another way to identify what has become part of The-Internet-of-Things, is to watch for the ‘smart’ word placed before the common name of the item: smart TVs, smart Refrigerators, Smart Homes, are some of the proud bearers of this prefix. One of the most famous of these “smart” experiments is Bill Gates house in Washington, which supposedly has pins issued to visitors to maintain customized temperature and lightning at all times while plays surround music to individual’s liking.

Although these devices are replacing the need for us to perform certain routinary tasks, the only question I ask my self is whether we have made our lives easier as the Jetsons did. It seems that all we have done is free up time that has ended up going to work longer hours, keep us ‘on’ for longer portions of the day and disengage us from those around us.   Don’t get me wrong! I am looking forward to the day my refrigerator and pantry send the order to the grocery store and it is delivered to my door… I just want to make sure that those 2 hours are used in enjoying and enriching my life. After all, what is Rosie good for if we will not get on our flying saucer and enjoy quality time with our loved ones? or maybe you prefer a more realistic take on the way the internet of things will enrich your life as shown in this video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cf7IL_eZ38

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