Google acquired a company called Wildfire, which offers a simple unified interface to help medium businesses and enterprises build and manage campaign’s content across multiple channels. Wildfire offers different tools that help with social media campaign execution and measurement. It also gives you the opportunity to analyze and benchmark your social performance against both, competitors and industry in real time.

After reading about Wildfire, you may be wondering: Do I still need Virtually Present?

Well, the answer is: It depends… To evaluate your specific needs just answer a couple of questions:

  • Are you equipped to talk to Google about the scope and needs in your digital presence, so they can quote you a price for the tool?

So far, they only offer customized estimates to the companies served. That sounds expensive to us.

  • Do you have an internal resource that will manage the tool, project manage the campaigns and analyze the results of the execution to apply learning in the next iteration?

…They lead the horse to water, but the horse has to drink it, so to speak.  This resource requires strong marketing skills and a good understanding of digital media, to really take advantage of Wildfire’s insights.

We believe that you still need us to manage through the multiple aspects involved in marketing online, without breaking the bank or investing many hours in it.  And rest assured that we will be the first to implement Wildfire in your organization, if it is cost effective and efficient for your needs.  For now, and until Google standardizes the offering a little more, we got you covered.

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