LinkedIn: A must for your business

LinkedIn is the biggest social media for companies and professionals. 1 in 3 professionals has a profile on this platform. 

Why is LinkedIn so essential?

LinkedIn is one of the social media channels more used in digital marketing. This platform has more than 562 million active users, and 40% interact daily on this network. Businesses cannot ignore these figures. It’s important to highlight that 1 in 3 professionals have an account on this social media channel, and 49% of users use their profile for business purposes, according to a recent report by

If you’re taking the first steps as a professional or business on LinkedIn or have been here for a short time, consider that the description in your biography has an essential role for your digital marketing strategy since it can affect your profile ranking on Google.  You have 2,000 characters to describe who you are or what your business does. However, only the first 156 characters will be displayed by Google when you appear in search results. Keep that in mind and improve your biography to stand out over your competitors.

How important your strategy on LinkedIn is

Without a digital marketing strategy, you won’t get far on Linkedin. You need to create a plan that focuses on creating and sharing high-quality content to raise awareness about your business to get optimum benefits. Don’t get a big head about increasing your followers. Work on taking advantage of the features and tools that the platform offers to boost businesses.

To develop a successful marketing strategy on LinkedIn, you need to propose SMART objectives. They will allow you to make the right decisions and track the effectiveness of each action performed on this platform and realize if your goals are achievable in time. Write down what you want to get from this network, i.e., Do you want to make connections to implement a social selling strategy? Do you want to position your brand as a leader in your field? Setting a compelling SMART goal will allow you to create a clear route map to succeed on LinkedIn. 

Before creating content, get to know about your audience

LinkedIn is a social network that gathers professionals from all over the world. There’s no place for improvisation if you want to project a professional image and be recognized as an expert. So after having a clear understanding of your objectives, you need to know who will receive your message. Learn who they are, what they do, what they need, or what they are looking for on this social media channel. Based on this information, you will create a marketing plan and tailor-made content to engage your audience. 

Include in this marketing plan details about how you’ll assess the effectiveness of each action performed. Measuring your results is essential to make timely changes to your strategy and save time and resources.

The above means that you’ll have to select the right KPI to measure your strategy success and corroborate that your marketing strategy is working. These KPI may include reach, audience interaction, web traffic, among others. Remember, your KPIs must be directly related to your objectives and strategies.


Networking is probably an essential benefit that LinkedIn has to offer. This social media channel allows you to meet people or companies and build bridges. Things that were not that easy before.

You can create a strategic plan that includes networking. After an event related to your brand’s industry, you can write useful articles that may be of interest to the people you want to connect to.

Did you lose contact to colleagues, partners, or commercial allies? By networking on LinkedIn, you can reconnect with them again. Build a professional network and create new opportunities for you and your brand.

It’s time to take the first step to stand out on LinkedIn! At Virtually Present, we invite you to start by creating a compelling profile on this network. Then set SMART objectives, identify your audience, create engaging content that meets their specific needs, and track your results. This way, you’ll grow your business and achieve your goals. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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