What’s new on Instagram? Take advantage of all the new features in your strategic plan

Instagram is the social media platform with the highest engagement rate in the world. This platform was launched in 2010, but it was until 2012 when Facebook acquired the service for approximately USD 1 billion in cash and stock. Many other platforms have sprung up and tried to compete since then, but its frequent updates keep this app on the top.

What’s changing on Instagram?

Let’s talk about the most important Instagram updates nowadays.

Remix for Reels

Video content is leading public engagement, and TikTok is gaining more and more audience by its nature. Instagram’s response to ride the trend was Reels. Now, this video format added the possibility of responding to Reels with your own content in parallel.

Hang out live with up to 3 people with Live Rooms

The numbers of Instagram Live transmission rise during the pandemic, and the platform will promote conversations for up to 4 people. This update called Rooms occurs alongside the launch of Twitter Spaces and the continued growth of Clubhouse, which are spaces for audio-only conversations.

The new format will continue to support badges, Live Shopping, and fundraisers. 

An Instagram feature that lets you shop from creators

Many users connect with product stores through Instagram. There is even an option that allows brands to connect their eCommerce with their profile in the app. This feature will also be available for profiles tagged as content creators.

What strategies can you use to take advantage of these Instagram updates?

You can use these updates to boost your strategy on Instagram. Check out these ideas we wanted to share with you:

Use Remix to reinforce your authority

Look for content related to your brand and give your contribution as an expert in the area. You can even spice your content by replying to previous videos that you want to update.

Interact with your community on Live

Make lives frequently and invite people who can comment on topics of interest to your audience. Open the door to good conversations.

These are some ideas, but you have many possibilities to connect and grow your community on Instagram.

How to get Instagram updates?

Instagram updates are released gradually to all users. However, Instagram often makes some features early available to the most active users in beta mode. If you want to know what’s new on Instagram, we recommend following us on our social media channels and checking Adam Mosseri’s profile; he is the CEO on Instagram.

These updates are an opportunity to get more engagement and share valuable content with your audience. Our agency is always looking for ideas to take advantage of what these tools have to offer. Do you need any help with your Digital Marketing Strategy? Check how we can help you and contact us!










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